Oscars 2016

One of the best things about waking up early in the morning to watch the Oscars Red Carpet, is that you know for a fact that Cate Blanchett will never disappoint. And when you add a couple more surprises, it’s all just worth it. Read on for the best and worst picks of the Oscars 2016 Red Carpet, along with all the others in between!

rs_634x1024-160228163810-634-cate-blanchett-2016-oscars-academy-awards-mh-022816 Armani

Cate Blanchett definitely made it a morning worth waking up for; she was nominated for actress in a leading role for Carol and certainly dressed to win. Dressed in an Armani Privé Seafoam green cap-sleeve mermaid gown that features hand sewn clusters of Swarovski crystals and white feathers, she won over millions of hearts including mine.

rs_634x1024-160228153704-634-sofia-vergara-2016-oscars-academy-awards-mh-022816 Marchesa

When Sofia Vergara ditches her go-to mermaid gowns for elegant Marchesa gowns, it definitely makes a cut into the best dressed. A vision in blue, Sofia was in a strapless blue gown with embroidery at the bust, sash at the waist and a graceful skirt.

Brie Larson, the winner of Actress in a leading role was dressed in a custom made Royal Blue Gucci Gown, with pleated ruffles, dramatic belt and a skirt that left a beautiful train behind her. Classic example of working around one statement piece, her dress took in all the glory, while the hair, make-up and accessories took a backseat, all the while complimenting the look.

rs_634x1024-160228161902-634-brie-larson-Academy-Awards-Oscars-cm.228 Gucci

Jennifer Garner looked like she was born to rule in her Black Versace number. She puts on a brave face and doesn’t let anything keep her down. Powerful, classy and graceful are three words, that flash across my head, when I think about perceptions.

rs_634x1024-160228162617-634-jennifer-garner-2016-oscars-academy-awards-mh-022816 Versace

This has to be one of the most elegant outfits we’ve seen on a soon to be mom. Chrissy Teigen was glowing in her embroidered Nude Marchesa mermaid gown. Minimal make -up, simple hair and a smile that’s worth a million, she’s definitely one of the most graceful pregnant ladies to walk that carpet.

rs_634x1024-160228163246-634-chrissy-teigen-2016-oscars-academy-awards-mh-022816 Marchesa

That completes my list of top 5 best dressed celebrities at this year’s Oscars. Getting to the juicy and interesting part of this article, we count down the 5 worst dressed celebs this year soon. Keep reading!




2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,300 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 55 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.



Wrap me up

Inspiration strikes at the oddest of times; you might be rummaging through your closet and you might come across something long lost. That may very well be the story here. A woven stole picked from a handicraft store in Hyderabad gave way to an absolute cheerful day, so much that she chose to be covered in cultural heritage. Copper earrings from Rameshwaram, printed bangle from Dilli-haat, Raw silk Kurta from somewhere along the way and such.

Make-up : Rakhee Surendra
Styling : Pruthvi Bhardwaj
PC : Shankari Priya Purushothaman

AMA 2015

Is it just me? Aren’t we over the nearly naked dresses already? Going by the red carpet trend we’re seeing, I might just have to re-think these articles.

Nicki Minaj is the surprise winner this time and I’m just so happy to see her style upgrade; remember the MTV fiasco couple of years ago? It is so good to see her covered up in couture, this time in a Michael Costello.

Emmy Awards 2015

Let’s start with the top 5 notable trends from the Emmy’s red carpet:

  • Loads and loads of black; pretty classy and very much a safe option (but there are a few who went wrong even there, I’ll get to that in a bit!)
  • Pale pink was a surprisingly popular choice amongst a lot of celebrities (not a very good choice although)
  • My favorite is definitely where, the older actors took considerable fashion risks (some very good ones and some not so much, but I love the ‘I wear what I want to wear’ attitude)
  • Pantsuits are here to stay, but it’s getting chic-er every season.
  • Rainbow gowns are making pretty huge waves, going by the looks of it.

But before we go any further, my favorite look of the night, Ellie Kemper, with the rainbow version from Naeem Khan, beautifully mitered in sequins. I’m definitely in love with this one!

rs_634x1024-150920163822-634-ellie-kemper-emmy-awards.ls.921015 naeem khan

The Classy Blacks

The Pale Pinks

Best Dressed

FotorCreated 1

Over dressed, yes but Kerry still managed to work that Marc Jacobs pretty damn well. And staying safe and winning again this year is Sofia Vergara (no surprises there!) this time in a St. John sequinned mermaid gown. Stand-out winner is definitely January Jones with her Ulyana Sergeenko pantsuit, super-chic and sexy! Second best Rainbow gown goes to Jaime Alexander for her beautiful Armani Prive. Lady Gaga stands out and surprises everyone by dressing super classy, this time around in an understated Brandon Maxwell.

Worst Dressed

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I’m just so done with the naked dresses; I wasn’t in favor when Gwyneth started it and nothing else so far has changed my mind either. Christine Marza, as pretty as she looks is still a much better bet that the horrific outfit Naomi Grossman showed up in. On the other hand, I’ve been nice to Heidi Klum for a while now, despite the outfit choices, but this Versace number is pushing it a little too much; absolute NO this one!

The problem with red carpet outfits – once you wear a statement, it remains in your head. All I could think about when I saw Elizabeth Moss (Oscar De La Renta) was Taylor Swift, a couple of years back and she had a much better luck pulling that candy color off than Moss did.

We have 2 new additions to the Addams Family this year; Julianne Hough (Marchesa) and Taryn Manning (Rubin Singer).

The horror of the pale pink parade has left a permanent scar this year, starting with Tracee Ellis (Zac Posen), Sandra Lee (Thierry Mugler) and Joanna Newsom (Delpozo), it was truly endless. Sandra Lee looked pretty healthy and good promoting breast cancer awareness, I just wish it was in a better outfit. I genuinely don’t see a good reason for the outfit that Joanna was wearing though; not unless you want to look like you have a framed mirror on your chest.

See the slideshow for the all of the arrivals from Emmy’s 2015 red-carpet.

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And with that, we come to the end of the Emmy’s Showcase this year. Did I go too far or was there a scope for more? Let me know in the comments below!

Sheer Turtlenecks

Hold your claws, Catwoman; I think it’s safe to say that celebs take exposure to a whole new level; the latest to get a makeover was the Vera Wang sheer turtleneck from the Fall 2015 runway, what was introduced as sheer classiness just turned into an absolute sleaze/snooze-Fest (I’m not too sure which)! I love and respect all of you (maybe, not all of you; you know who I’m talking about :P), but this is just an absolute fad. Kudos to Halle, who just turned 49 though, not many can keep that all up! We love Storm (remember Swordfish? OMG), but let’s keep the costumes for movies & Halloween, shall we?

See the original look which debuted on the Fall 2015 runway over a tight black bustier and slouchy trousers, Vera Wang!


Love it/ Hate it, Lemme know 🙂


Summer 101

Even with Bangalore having a comparatively lower temperature than other cities, let’s admit it; it is pretty damn hot! So, do you want to sulk or bask is my question. If you do choose the latter, the images below would be a definite inspiration! Even Taylor Swift’s grown out of dresses and into pantsuits lately. So, let’s learn from her and beat the heat with hot pants this summer.

It might sound like a cliche, but comfort definitely isn’t a bad word in fashion. Being comfortable doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style. I’m not a ‘girly girl’ so to speak, but I do like the occasional florals here and there. So here’s my take for this summer.

Hot Pants + Floral top = What could possibly go wrong here?

Evidence it yourself like we did last weekend. On a calm early Sunday morning, we decided to pack our things and create a look book for all you wonderful people out there. And it was a morning that was worth getting up for! We fell in love with Bangalore all over again. Hanging out on the MG Road boulevard at the wee hours has its perks. Aside from the part where we couldn’t find coffee so early, we still had a pretty great time watching the bikers passing by in a rally, that you gotta be there to appreciate!


I’m absolutely in love with this floral butterfly top that we picked up from Max India. It channels free-spirited feminity so wonderfully. If you see Sharon (friend and model-bakra of the day) here, you could feel the freedom that she feels! So comfortable and absolutely peaceful and when we mix it up with basic denim hot-pants, it’s just laying it on a platter!



Not that I didn’t do it on purpose, but I like how the entire look is classy and vintage. Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s the ancient metal chairs or it’s a mix of everything that’s creating the wonder! But Sharon did her best to channel her inner Marilyn; I think she did a fair job (:P She will kill me for this).

Max has slowly started catering to mainstream fashion and knowing how they’ve grown is pretty impressive! It’s no more commercial, Max has taken on a serious sense of direction and I’m loving it! Like for example, I’m required to wear flat ballet shoes to work. So I’ve always gone to Max to pick 5-6 pairs every other month, but after this, I think I’m digging my own grave here (used to spend about a couple of grand for shoes now I’m gonna be broke adding clothes to that list). The boon & bane of being a Shopaholic, I tell you!

Anyways scroll down and enjoy! Don’t forget to share your thoughts. 🙂


Best of the Vanity Fair Oscar Portraits by Mark Seliger 2015

From someone who’s known for his portraiture, you’d expect nothing less. Mark Seliger was the chief photographer in Rolling Stones for over a decade in the 90’s and has shot over 100 covers for  the magazine. And he continues to shoot beautiful cover shots for CondeNast currently. The beautiful vintage set for the occasion was designed by Thomas Thurnauer.  It was a concept that brought together the classics & the modern, which included some the finest stars through the ages. What I love most about all these portraits are how each personality is definitively captured with just the amount of depth into each one’s character. Today, I round up on the best of the best in 2015’s Oscar Portraits.



Steve Martin; Perfection personified!


There could never be a more charming reaction than Eddie’s when he won the Oscar!


The drapes; I’d be happy to sit and arrange every flow on that gown! Luscious!


Such raw emotions captured, it’s almost animalistic!


The styling on her suit is just excellent! I’m in love with those drapes!


SIA captured in perfection!


If there ever was royalty in Hollywood, Amy Adams is the British Queen!


Irina Shayk; that’s all I’m saying!


Rita is on such a winning streak; worthy of a Queen this portrait is!


The Man behind the Birdman!


Who better than Karlie Kloss to endorse Jason Wu?



JK Simmons had one of the best speeches in the show and evidently the playful mood continued to the after parties as witnessed in this epic portrait.

Audrey Hepburn – Sophistication at its best!

People’s Choice Awards 2015

I thought I lost hope after the Emmy’s Red Carpet this season, but fortunately PCA was so fresh and light, that it looked like a brand new start after all. The best of the best definitely goes to Ellen Pompeo & Portia DeRossi; both of whom chose to stand out in clean and simple jumpsuits. The only comment I have for Portia is I really wish she looked a tad more healthy. Ellen glowed in all her feminism in a very beautiful peach Elie Saab one-piece. I don’t think I’ll get enough of saying all the things they did right, like the side swept hair; such a win! Portia stood out in her electric blue Zuhair Murad with geometric panels and a very deep neckline!

rs_634x1024-150107175320-634.ellen-pompeo-pca-010714 Elie Saab rs_634x1024-150107173117-634.Portia-De-Rossi-Peoples-Choice.jl.010715 Zuhair Murad


Next on the list is Guiliana Rancic, who looked pretty as a picture in her Tony Ward dress. Guess being on the panel of Fashion Police does have its perks!

rs_634x1024-150107162042-634-giuliana-rancic-peoples-choice-awards.l.1715 tony ward

Our beloved Penny looks strong, bold yet casual in a Peggy Hartanto one-piece. Kaley kept it clean and simple, although the look overall is very reminiscent of Miley Cyrus. Super glad it did not have any unpleasant surprises though!rs_634x1024-150107195949-634.Kaley-Cuoco-Sweeting-Peoples-Choice-Awards.ms.010715

Bella Thorne got the suit look really going for her in a very chic Armani; it’s hard to go wrong when you have Armani giving you fashion tips!


One other black beauty I absolutely fell in love with was Kat Dennings in Ludmila Corlateanu. So much of drama and dark glamour and she still managed to keep it light! Absolutely stunning!

rs_634x1024-150107175216-634-kat-dennings-people-choice-awards-ls-1715 ludmila corlateanu

Another hit was Olivia Munn in a two-piece Giambattista Valli. Such a classy look again with the oh-so-casual Ponytail and the red lips. Sleek Glam for sure!rs_634x1024-150107185559-634-olivia-munn-peoples-choice-awards.ls.1715


Yet another black win would be Rita Volk in Aiisha Ramadan. Simple and Fresh seems to be an underlying theme for all my picks tonight!

rs_634x1024-150107174837-634-rita-volk-peoples-choice-awards-red-carpet.jw.1715 aiisha ramadan


And then came a man to steal all our hearts away! After a long time, we see Adrian Grenier on the red carpet bringing the sexy back!


And now for the worst of the worst, Anna Faris! Her outfit is so bad, that I don’t feel justified putting anybody else on this list next to her. It was a mermaid’s worst nightmare that dress!

rs_634x1024-150107173201-634-anna-faris-people-choice-awards-ls-1715 juan carlos obando


Watch all the arrivals, good & bad below! All in all, it was as if there was an unspoken theme of B&W at the Red Carpet this year, but I loved all the ladies going simple and classic!

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Trends – Spring Summer 2015

So after going through millions of clothes by hundreds of designers (Quite literally; might I add) , I have brought it down to 4 silhouettes and 4 themes that was unanimous across the world this season. All of you lucky enough to have me, feast your eyes and make space in your closets because this is one season that is all set to shine!

So starting with themes, we have updated versions of Colorful Florals, Super bright Stripes, Tie N Dye and Khakis!!! Khaki’s making a stylish definitive comeback this summer; so start shopping already!


For once, you can look like spring in person and not give a damn about what anybody thinks. The more colorful and bright; the better! Do print on print, color on color; this is your excuse to go as crazy as you possibly can!m-070314_Resort_2015_Trends_florals_slide_01

Floral ExtraOrdinaire



Sailor stripes have been in and out almost every summer but the fashion world is hell bent on blinding everyone this season and I can’t say I don’t agree! I’m absolutely in love with the colors that’re coming up this season! Check out the DVF and Chloe below!


Brilliant Stripes



I would probably be the last person to be excited by Tie N Dye giving a comeback but this season, it genuinely looks better; no more same-old ridiculously boring patterns. Have a look and decide for yourself!m-070314_Resort_2015_Trends_tiedye_slide_03

Tie N Dye



For all those who thought Grays and Khakis are for Winter; take a look at the runway! And if you still don’t agree Preen by Thornton Bregazzi has done some amazing work with their collection this season!

Khaki Shades


 And now for the silhouettes, Chic is the underlined word! We have Midi Skirts, Shortsuits (All thanks to Lagerfeld here 🙂 ), Pantsuits and what’s summer without a little Boho attached?


Are any of you as madly in love with Gucci as I am because the skirt below is something I’d kill someone for (I don’t even think I’m kidding about this! 😛 ) For someone who’s had an epic love affair with skirts like I’ve been, this is one of the best news ever! I know I’m having a blast this season!m-070314_Resort_2015_Trends_midi_slide_01

Midi Skirts



3.1 Philip Lim has an absolutely fancy collection of colorful short-suits! Jason Wu and some others stuck to Neutral Chic but all in all, Comfort?Check! Chic? Check! What more do you want for a hot summer! I know; Iced Latte wouldn’t hurt or even better, Bourbon on the Rocks – My Style!


SS 2015 Short Suits



I know this might seem a little stuffy but Come On! Pant Suits with Belted Jackets; I’d brave the sunniest of summers to be seen like this! The pastel-pink suit from Louis Vuitton is so pretty, it almost breaks my heart( and this coming from someone who loathes the pink family except Candy and Fuschia maybe!)

m-070314_Resort_2015_Trends_pantsuit_slide_01SS 2015 Pant Suits


Look to the 70’s, Give it a minimalistic boho twist and you’re all set. Whether its Gothic like Lanvin or Understated like Michael Kors, you can’t go wrong with this! Better yet, experiment with both the extremes.

Boho Chic



On the whole, it’s a season of experimentation if you ask me and face it with your craziest self to get the most out of it! Whether you’re having the mean-reds or the depressing-blues, this season will get you through just about anything! Now, run along and start shopping!!!


Emmy Awards 2014

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Heads up – Thing not worth mentioning, will not be mentioned! 😛

If this is the start of the red carpet season, I think I’ve already lost interest! Let’s see Lena Dunham! And then Julia Roberts! Sophia Vergara! Heidi Klum! January Jones! You see where I’m going with this?? No? Well, Please be my guest and take a look for yourself then!

Let’s start with the best! Did I say best? Sorry, the worst and by that I mean the Giambattista Valli that Lena Dunham chose to drown herself in! I get that you’re a feminist and being a hardcore feminist myself, I completely understand what you’re trying to do! All I’m saying is “You can also do it in Style”! I mean, really; where would all of us be if Coco Chanel or Katherine Hepburn or Audrey Hepburn had left this for us to follow?

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

When would Julia Roberts finally find the time to hire a stylist? Elie Saab, always yes! But I’m pretty sure the designer did not have this in mind when he designed the outfit!


Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli, it is such a surprise when you wear a figure hugging push up mermaid dress season after season, isn’t it?


Heidi Klum in Zac Posen! This is an outfit I genuinely would have liked if it hadn’t washed her out completely. You Woman, are the face of Project Runway and a million other brands that I can’t even list out. How could you possibly miss this? This dress does not do anything favourable to you or your “million dollar legs”!


January Jones, all I’m saying is; Why don’t we leave this for the Taylor Swifts of our generation? Prabal Gurung did a beautiful work on the outfit but I’m not so sure if it’s right for you!


Sarah Paulson, I’d usually not mention but she was a freaking nightmare in her ruffles. This is a classic example of taking ‘Method-Acting’ waaaay too far!!!(Armani, begging for your forgiveness here; But I just can’t fathom the level of nightmare this dress brings)!


Claire Danes in her Givenchy looked like M Night Shyamalan’s The Village is all I’m gonna say! She glows but she still looks like ‘The Village’.



And now that we’re done with the worst, let’s get to the good parts! How amazing did Kevin Spacey look in his Ralph Lauren?

Kevin Spacey, Ashleigh Banfield

Matthew McConaughey (D&G) & Camila Alves (Zuhair Murad) are as always looking gorgeous! I’m loving the risks these two take!


Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Atelier looked like she’s about to rule the world. Simple but powerful; Step aside, y’all!!


Kerry Washington in Prada, reminds me of a very chirpy, cheery bird. So pretty yet bold!


Matt Bomer in Tom Ford; Oh, I can never get enough of Matt Bomer! I’m cursing those who decided to put a stop to White Collar as I type FYI. How am I going to get my weekly dose now, especially when Magic Mike 2 seems so far away?


Taylor Schilling scores in Zuhair Murad again, proving simplicity will always win and the devil’s in the details.


Amy Poehler positively glitters in Theia, rounding up on the last of the best dressed list!


And then there were some!

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In Search of Flair : Kendra Thornton

Okay, so it’s been quite a while and I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what this is about! Quite recently, I received a very interesting mail from Ms. Thornton. She was on the lookout for fashion bloggers with style and I caught her eye; or rather she caught my eye for style. She’s travelling to NYC soon on an adventure and wants to be styled to perfection; which is where this comes in. And this particular look I put together is for her visit to the Le BainThe Standard High Line Hotel, New York City.

Stepping out in Manhattan

My four options to Kendra represented different personalities; Graceful & Royal, Classy & Sexy, Minimalistic Elegance and Modern Chic.


Now, as much as I and Kendra love all four of these looks, she needed me to zero in on one look. I’m so absolutely in love with this Rebecca Taylor outfit right now that not even McQueen (Alexander) could change my mind. Scroll below to see the complete look I have in mind.


Rebecca Taylor


River Island


Jimmy Choo







And that completes this fresh off the Runway, Manhattan-Ready Spring Summer 2014 look! And hopefully if Kendra does decide to go with this, we’ll see her rock NYC on her special Night Out.

Kendra Thornton is a travel expert on television stations across the United States offering guidance to millions of people every year. She makes regular appearances on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW stations in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. She has also made special guest appearances on Fox News, The Nate Show, Fine Living Network and The Tyra Banks Show.

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Look Out Suri Cruise; your time in fashion might just be over!


World’s newest and youngest fashionista is a 4-year old who goes by the name Mayhem. She’s not just cute and precocious; you see her and you know she’s made for fashion. If paper dresses ever make a trend, you’ll know it’s all her doing.


Of all the ways to bond with your kids, this probably is one of the best. Mayhem and her super talented mom Angie started this journey less than a year ago and the creations just get better and better. Angie & husband Keith are both professional photographers and work from their studio in Ohio.

Solely by Mayhem, No parental guidance whatsoever!Obviously there’s not much point asking her the same questions over and over again. So, here’s an excerpt from Angie’s Interview with the Huffington Post :

On ideas, inspirations and creativity:

The ideas are pretty much a 50/50 split, but Mayhem constructs a lot more than most people would probably believe. That’s one of the best things about this project, I see her learning new skills every single day. At this point, she knows exactly how many sheets of construction paper she needs to make herself a top and a bottom. She can lay the entire thing out and tape it together all by herself. Definitely, the more complex designs have more of my time invested, but she’s literally always beside me learning something new if she’s not tearing or taping or gluing while I am. We pull inspiration from wherever we go. The shark dress, for example, came as a direct result of her first visit to an aquarium.She also gets a lot of ideas from shows that she watches or books we read, like Minnie Mouse, My Little Pony and Elsa from “Frozen.”Sometimes I’ll Google images the day after award shows, so she can see the dresses worn on the red carpet and pick which ones she wants to make.We also leave a tab open on our iPad with a search for “project runway dresses” so that we can quickly reference those as well. She’s never actually seen an episode of Project Runway, but I did show her a clip one time explaining that there is a show all about making dresses and I thought she might hyperventilate.


On preferred use of materials:

We use a lot of construction paper, but we also use tissue paper, wrapping paper, and gift bags. We have also used silk scarves, tulle, and aluminum foil. Basically, if we can find it laying around the house and it’s pliable, it’s fair game. Clear packing tape and glue are our adhesives of choice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On skills involved:

I actually don’t consider myself to be the least bit crafty. Don’t ask me to build something out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners … you’ll be incredibly disappointed! Cutting and taping paper is about all we do. And the most ironic part of this whole project is that I am literally the least fashionable person you will ever meet. In reality, I know nothing about fashion and cannot sew a straight line to save my life. A friend suggested I could start sewing these creations from scraps of fabric and I laughed at her. I’ll take paper and tape any day over getting anywhere near a sewing machine! After we made our first paper dress, Mayhem requested another the very next day. Then another the day after that. And no one is more surprised than I am, that she still wants to make them nearly 9 months later. I have no idea if it will continue, but as long as she wants to make them, we’ll keep doing it.

Mayhem and the Red Carpet – Lupita who?


Mayhem with Vogue – Inspirations & Recreations


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then came the ultimate kiss of approval from none other than Anna Wintour herself. Vogue approached Mayhem & Angie to recreate iconic dresses from past Met Gala (an annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute fundraiser run by Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour) after discovering her online.

They say kids have the highest ability to absorb knowledge, develop talent and skills. And if she can make patterns at 4, I simply cannot wait to see what happens when she’s old enough to vote; Well, among other things!

Follow them at http://instagram.com/2sisters_angie and #fashionbymayhem on Instagram.



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Zac Posen A/W 2014-15

Very Hepburn Indeed!


Charles James, one of the very best Haute Couture, the industry has ever seen was the inspiration for Zac Posen’s Fall collection. Claiming James as one of his favorite designers, Posen said, “This collection came down to exactly what he was about: focusing on a level of discipline and craft.” As expected, there were a lot of ball gowns trailing this particular runway. And to those of you not familiar with James, the collection were very reminiscent of Audrey & Katherine Hepburn; creating a beautiful fusion in-between especially so, since both are equally classy yet completely different.

The collection comprising of just 25 looks, was all about the careful art of intricate garment construction. Architectural and precise, it was a celebration of art and fashion in the classiest way possible. For someone whose ideology is to present women with something very special, this was one of the very best delivered while reinforcing fashion is an art in itself.

Take a look at the gallery for the entire collection and let me know your favorites. Here are the ones I’m in awe with;

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Italian Food Festival, Bene, Sheraton Bangalore

Indulge in Italian treats by visiting Chef Paride Noviello of Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit’s award winning restaurant, Rossini’s, Bangkok.

Date : 14th – 23rd March, 2014                          Lunch : 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM & Dinner : 06:30 PM – 11:30 PM

Italian cuisine has a vast variety and every city or town has a version of its own, Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway brings you the best of Italian food with a variety of ingredients and elaborate preparations offer the extreme essence of this cuisine.

The festival offers a library of delicacies and a bunch of lip smacking appetizers straight from Italy including Insalata di Cesare, Risotto agli spinaci, Pizza tricolore and more!

 The authenticity of this cuisine is preserved to offer the real taste and allows guests to experience a new world of food.

 Chef Paride Noviello, hosting the Italian Food Festival at Bene, Sheraton.

Chef Paride Noviello

Born in the northern Italian port of Trieste, Chef Paride discovered his passion for cooking while helping out in the family restaurant from the tender age of 13.  He went on to study at the Istituto Alberghiero I.A.L., the School of Culinary Arts in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy, and after completing his bachelor’s degree in Culinary and Hotel Management the young chef decided to explore the world.

His culinary journey took him to Deira in Dubai where he was Junior Chef de Partie at the romantic restaurant, La Cucina.  Intrigued by Southeast Asian culture and cuisine, he moved on to Jakarta, Indonesia, working as a Sous Chef at Casa d’Oro. Prior to joining Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit he was Head Chef at La Gondola in the Kempinski Hotel Beijing, China. Highlights in Chef Paride’s career include the privilege of presenting his exquisite cuisine to members of the Thai royal family, and celebrities such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

On the very first day of the festival, was a special session with Mr.Noviello himself demonstrating his culinary style and describing the essence of Italian Cuisine. This was followed by a tasting session of wine & dinner. Needless to say, we were excited at just the thought of the entire family of cheese in one dinner. Although the event started at 7 PM, We reached only around 8 (blame the mad traffic in Bangalore). But Paride graciously took us through the starters and pointed out the subtle components that made all the difference in the dish. Absolutely down-to-earth and impossibly polite, he never hesitated to answer any of the myriad amount of questions the guests came up with (and there were quite a few to say the least!).

Below is the menu that we relished 😛 .


Grover Vineyards Chenin Blanc Art Collection


Pomodori confit con cipolla al forno, carciofi, basilica e bonconcini di mozzarella

(Confit tomato and roasted onion salad, shaved artichokes

and bocconcini mozzarella cheese)

Bietola marinata, arancio con noci e caprino

(Slow cooked beetroot, orange pulp,

walnut and goat cheese)

Pomodorini pachino, bufala mozzarella e pesto di bietola con tuille di olive

(Marinated pachino tomato, buffalo mozzarella,

beetroot pesto and olive tuille)

Bruschetta moderna burrata con salsa di pomodorini

(Modern Bruschetta burrata cheese, anchovies

cherry tomato and basil chutney)

Funghi trifolati con foglie di polenta e scamorza

(Assorted mushroom salad, shaved polenta

and scamorza cheese)


Zuppa di carrciofi con parmigiano 24 mesi

(Tuscan artichoke soup with 24

month aged Parmesan)


Risotto alla cipolla di tropea, e mela

(Risotto with Tropea onions 

and apple puree)


Mille foglie di pane carasau, zucchini confit, porcini e coulis di peperone

(Thousand foil carasau Sardinian bread, confit zucchini,

 mushrooms and bell pepper coulis)

Bocconcini di pollo alla con olive peperoni arrostiti, capperi e polenta

(Tender chicken breast, with olives roasted bell pepper and soft polenta)


Panna cotta alla menta fisherman fresh con espuma di cioccolato

(Fisherman fresh panna cotta with chocolate espuma)

Oscars 2014

Yes, Keep it classy is our expectation when it comes to the red carpet of Academy Awards but I don’t remember anybody ever requesting it to be boring. And No, you’d not be able to guess the very few ones that actually made it to the best dressed list this season. And I’m very glad to say that Kelly Osbourne is one of the few that actually turned heads with her Badgley Mischka Strapless with netted shrug with gold accents. Add the gold accessories and the classic umbrella and you’re fit to be a queen; or at the very least a Queen-to-be.


It was a parade of nude on the red carpet but Camilla Alves was the definite winner of the pale and pretty in Gabriela Cadena. And Sandra was the best of the bold with her sultry midnight blue Alexander McQueen gown. Only Meryl Streep could wear something as simple as a black & white Lanvin and make it work like a Queen. Like mother, like daughter; Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson shimmered like stars in Atelier Versace Gowns while Louise Roe looked absolutely graceful in a gown by Pronovias.

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Emma Watson looked simple and elegant in Vera Wang and was definitely a whole lot better than a stream of other disappointments. Penelope Cruz can do no wrong but even she went relatively safe and opted for a Pale Pink Giambattista Valli gown. Margot Robbie did well for herself with the brunette hair and YSL Gown while Ellen looked her best as well in a tux by YSL. Jennifer Garner looked like she stepped out of a conservative version of the 20’s in her Oscar de la Renta and looked radiant but felt slightly out of place. Jenna Dewan Tatum in Reem Acra looked gorgeous as usual while Olivia Wilde chose Valentino to cover her baby bump. Jessica Biel stunned in Chanel while Jada Pinkett Smith did the same in Versace.

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Angelina Jolie looked radiant and motherly in Elie Saab Haute Couture but after the YSL stunt at this year’s BAFTA, this was a tad disappointing. Lupita Nyong’o looked like she was celebrating her birthday in her Baby Blue Prada gown with adorable Fred Leighton accessories (who knew Prada could go so light?).  The standards Angie and Lupita set for themselves are so high that anything that’s normal is just not impressive enough.

Cate Blanchett looked lovely in a Nude Giorgio Armani but how was she comfortable being seated in that sequined gown is beyond me. Jennifer Lawrence; Surprise, surprise; wore a Dior and in a yet another stunt (not surprising anymore) tripped and took down a few others with her. Thankfully, it was not inside the Kodak theatre and like Ellen was kind enough to point out; she should receive her awards from her seat and never try to get up on stage.

Amy Adams looked regal in Gucci; but like Lupita, this was yet another disappointment. Charlize Theron has stunned our red carpet hungry eyes quite a few times, but unfortunately this was not one of them. How did Dior imagine those transparent straps would work? If our dear old Charlie can’t make it work; No one else can. Naomi Watts looked elegant as usual in CK but she’s never been one to grab the spotlight for her sense of fashion and she’s holding on to that.

Anne Hathaway was on a mission to take the spotlight tonight; did I say take? Sorry, I meant become! Anne managed to blind everyone in her sparkling Gucci and I must say; not in a very good way. Jason Wu’s much talked about debut on the red carpet did not do him any good. Kerry Washington ended up looking like she was wrapped up in a satin sheet and tucked it with a decorative pin. Julia Roberts finally manages to look elegant in Givenchy but forgets to get it fitted well. Maybe she ran out of time? Sally Hawkins’s Valentino looked like those gaudy thick cream curtains our grandma’s used to appreciate. Way too old-fashioned Sally; even for you!

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Lady Gaga is doing her duties to the house of Versace as its brand ambassador but lacks in the outrageous dept. of fashion that we’re just so used to. Elsa Pataky made an Elie Saab look like it had lost all hope at redemption. And then there was Anna Kendrick, who wore a J Mendel, that did not make sense regardless of how you looked at it.

And we’ve officially reached the end of the red carpet season. Even though it ended on a disappointing note, we did have quite the few stunners on the way. Let’s look forward to who the red carpet star of the season is, shall we? My best guess is Lupita but you never know.

In Heidi Klum’s words, One day you’re in; next day you’re out.

Stay Tuned. Until Next time,


P.S. As usual, the images are from various sources. I only take credit for my views.

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BAFTA 2014

Regardless of how stunning Lupita Nyongo looks, even she cannot possibly top our Red Carpet Favorite Ms. Jolie. I genuinely missed her this season at all the red carpets and was just so excited when I got to know that the couple would be making a grand debut at this year’s BAFTA. And they never disappoint, Period! Brad Pitt was dressed in Valentino while Angie looked super sexy wearing YSL. It was Mr. & Mrs. Smith all over again.


The second favorite at the Royal Opera House was obviously Ms. Nyongo; the only reason being Angie’s presence! Lupita looked like a stylist’s dream as usual, this time wearing an Emerald Green Christian Dior Haute Couture with a Gold Belt and matching Cuffs.


The third is a definite tie between Amy Adams and Cate Blanchett; both looking completely different and making it so much harder to decide. I like the way Amy’s taking the sleek and sharply sexy route this red carpet season; She embraces a Victoria Beckham Gown fit for a queen. While Cate is known for her experimental style, she opts for a simple and brilliantly elegant body hugging Alexander McQueen. She looks her age but gracefully so; for which I adore her. I must do a piece on Cate on the Red Carpet. Her varied choices are just so unpredictable and is so much fun to watch.



Leo Di Caprio looked as poised as ever in an Armani while Bradley Cooper made my knees go weak in a Navy McQueen suit (Oh, how I hate that smile!).



Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson looked the picture perfect couple; Tom in a classic tux and Rita in a sequined Jenny Packham Gown.


Michelle Rodriguez looked her usual bold and sexy in a deep neck Emilio de la Morena Gown.


The picture perfect family, you ask? Definitely the Emma Thompson family (Greg Wise, Gaia Wise, Tindyebwa Agaba Wise) as they smiled at the flashlights. Emma looks gorgeous in a  red Maria Grachvogel  although we could’ve done without the fur coat.


And what’s BAFTA without the Royal Family gracing it! But no, Kate was not present (you can feel my soul crushed!), it was just our dear old Prince William with the chief executive of BAFTA, Amanda Berry.


And what’s any red carpet without some major fails! First on the list is Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing Lanvin. Apparently there are some royal ways to screw up even a Lanvin reminding us yet again, Its not what you wear; Its How you wear it!


Next up is Gillian Anderson wearing a Balmain monotone Balmain Haute Couture. Its definitely not one of the worst choices, so i’ll leave it at that.


Laura Carmichael was spotted in a chic calf length Green Erdem Dress but unfortunately not good enough to be seen at the Royal Opera House.


‘Artful Indulgence’ at Cocoon Fine Rugs, Bangalore

Cocoon Fine Rugs, a premier house of handcrafted rugs and carpets launched their latest luxe range ‘Colors of life’ with an amalgamation of artworks at their second store in India situated in Indiranagar in Bangalore.

The Colors of life collection entails diverse design aesthetics – from highly structured patterns to abstract free flowing designs, making it a perfect suit for contemporary settings. The collection; derived from the many colors and hues of life is an amalgamation of handspun high twist ghazni wool and silk highlight, adding an interesting twist.

The store at Indiranagar inspired a powerful display of color and design, with the gallery also showcasing art work by various artists from Mahua Art Gallery.

The soiree hosted by Mr. Ayush Choudhary, Owner & Director of Cocoon Fine Rugs, was well appreciated by artists and art enthusiasts like Gayatri Vaswani, Anjali Sharma, Anil & Sangeeta Lala, Devika, Aarohi Singh, Mrs. Meenu Jaipuria, Shibu Arakkal & Ms. Minka Buttar among others. The appetizers and mocktails served were chosen with care to blend into the theme of the collection seamlessly.

“At Cocoon, we offer a unique architectonic rug browsing experience and our collections are crafted to engage you in their handcrafted story. These tales draw inspiration from bursts of color, graphics and elegant style. Each piece in this collection is an outline of a story weaved in silk one that is waiting to be heard from the walls in your home they may adorn or the floors that they snuggle on. Each handcrafted piece from Cocoon Fine Rugs creates a symphony of colors that add the charisma to your home.” explains Ayush Choudhary, director of Cocoon Fine Rugs.

If it were me; I’d probably never let those rugs touch the floor. From the handspun high-twist wool to luxuriously soft and shimmery silk, each one is a piece that can adorn the plain walls and bring beautiful splashes of color into your life. The only thing missing from the evening was a quality wine session which could’ve made the entire experience all the more pleasurable. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant evening full of interesting discussions and thoughtful expressions. If you’re looking for that one carpet which would complete your home; Cocoon is the place to be. I also had the pleasure to meet Mr. Ayush who played the perfect host and even went to lengths of elaborating on the thoughts behind the artwork on each carpet and rug.

About Cocoon Fine Rugs:

Cocoon Fine Rugs, a premier & a la mode carpet house recognized for its original, modern designs and unique interpretation of classic Persian rugs produced out of superior quality is the only one of its kind carpet boutique in the country to provide “end to end” solutions for carpets as wall art & floor furnishings focusing on its state of the art products & service deliverables.

2nd Floor, K. P. Towers, 777-A, 100’ft Road,

HAL II Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru – 560038.


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Grammys 2014

Grammys Best Dressed

It was the night to celebrate bling as most stars stepped out to showcase what each had best like an unspoken theme. Taylor Swift stole my heart away yet again in this brilliant Gucci.

Kelly Osbourne finally looked like the rockstar daughter that she is in Badgley Mischka dress. I’m sure her fashion police family is super proud of her. Chrissy Teigen looked like a million bucks in Johanna Johnson while Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves looked like princesses in Valentino and Armani Prive.

To know what all the stars wore, check out the gallery below and let me know what you think!

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SAG Awards 2014

SAG Best Dressed 1

It was an overload of sexiness at the SAG red carpet. Lupita Nyongo kept up to her recent reputation by looking drop dead gorgeous in Gucci. And just when I thought, no one can contest that Gucci, Isla Fisher entered looking flawlessly sexy in an Oscar De La Renta bringing a whole new meaning to Hollywood Glam. Amy Adams was positively glowing in her Antonio Berardi. With a Super Chic silhouette and a Sexy neckline, the brilliant blue made her stand out in a way that no one else did. And then there was Jennifer Lawrence in an all sparkle Dior, ready to party. Jennifer Garner was Hollywood Royalty in Max Mara at this year’s SAG; there’s just no other way to say it.


The couple of the year has to be the McConaugheys. Matthew embraced his sexy self in D&G while Camilla sashayed in Donna Karan Atelier.

SAG Worst Dressed

And then came the never ending nightmare of disasters.

Playing Miranda Priestly certainly hasn’t rubbed off on Meryl Streep as she brings forth disaster after disaster to the red carpet; this time in a Stella McCartney. I’m pretty sure Stella did not have Meryl in mind when she made that dress.

Helen Mirren is one of the very few women in Hollywood who embrace age gracefully. But even royalty fail sometimes and as did Helen in this God awful ill fitting gown by Escada.

Juliette Lewis amazingly was wrapped up in a floral wallpaper that quite honestly belonged in the 50’s. Sadly, the dress was by Vivienne Westwood.

This definitely isn’t the year for pregnant women in Hollywood. Kerry got it right with the beauty but failed miserably in fashion; proving to women everywhere that crop top and balloon skirt, even when its Prada is an absolute NO while pregnant.

Wait! Was there something even worse? Yes, sadly Malin Akerman is fated to be the worst dressed of this season. Even Naeem Khan was unable to help this poor soul.

Did i miss something? Check out the gallery below for all the arrivals and let me know what you think.

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Critic’s Choice Awards 2014

CCA Best Dressed

It was all about making a casual statement at the critics choice red carpet this year. The stars decided to go the simple and comfortable way and a handful of them even succeeded. The stand-outs were definitely Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie and Amy Adams; that is if you don’t count the impossibly stunning Lupita Nyongo. She is definitely the fashion darling this season; this time honouring a Calvin Klein gown.

Amy Adams looked classy and conservative in a pink Roland Mouret off-shoulder gown with a simple black belt at the waist.

Only Cate could look that cool wearing a Lanvin gown that would probably look too old on anyone else. She pulls it off with ease, confidence and grace. She kept it pretty simple overall with just a studded belt and scarlet lips.

Margot Robbie is the newest sexy to hit Hollywood. After the super sexy Gucci in Golden Globes, she chose an Elie Saab pantsuit which made her look sexy enough with just the right amount of casual.

Camilla Alves is making more of a statement than her hubby Matthew McConaughey with her expert fashion choices. She pulls off most looks like a pro and this Paule Ka was no different. She seemed utmost comfortable and kept it super simple with orange heels, nude lips and hair pulled back.

And just like always, with good things come bad as well. There were stars taking comfort way more serious than necessary and then some. Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock were the notable fashion fails and then there was Abigail Breslin who looked like a s**t. To all the child actors who’re reaching adolescence -We know you’re growing up. You don’t need to dress provocatively to prove that!

Check out the gallery below for all the red carpet arrivals. Let me know if I missed something!

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Golden Globe Awards 2014


Second time hosting the Golden Globes, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s funny wit (almost bordering on rude) antics were on full display. And to make it even more hilarious, they had a drinking game all set up. “Any time you see a gown with sleeves, you’re going to drink. Any time they cut to Tom Hanks for a reaction shot, do five push-ups and you will be ripped by the end of the ceremony,” says Fey to the Hollywood Reporter. Tina Fey in Carolina Herrera, Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney for all 3 outfits, the ladies looked their very best and Ted Baker even got to dress Amy’s alter ego Randy, son of Tina’s illicit affair.




Taylor Swift looked absolutely ravishing in Carolina Herrera, I think it’s time we expect her to be on the best dressed list everywhere. Amy Adams in Valentino, I love the fluidity of the skirt but the top was much too weird and it looked like it was plastered to her. Louis Roe looked simply beautiful and played it by the rules in Monique Lhuillier. Lupita Nyongo in Ralph Lauren was definitely the superhero moment of the night. Bold move serves her right earning her a place among the best dressed.

Moving on to the next popular color choice of the evening, Julianna Margulies kept it classy and interesting in Andrew GN. I just wish the print was interesting enough to keep that up. Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen was just too predictable and OTT. I definitely do not like the clash of Black, blue and the blond hair. Leslie Mann was spot on in D&G, pulling off the look with much ease. Jessica Chastain made the right choice with Givenchy but went horribly wrong when it came to her hair stylist.


Lily Rabe in Georges Hobeika, I can’t think of anything that’s gone wrong but it isn’t impressive enough to be on the best dressed list either. Kate Beckinsale was a vision in Zuhair Murad, the strapless mermaid dress made her look tall and the fabric and sequins kept it real and interesting. Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani, another woman I’m going to look out for, makes interesting choices and almost always gets away with it. Sandra Bullock, I’m just so glad you’re in your weird phase but I’m quite surprised I’m going along with this. Prabal Gurung’s dress was playful, bold and dressy all at the same time. I don’t think anyone else could have pulled it off that simply. And applause for that hairstyle, Sandra; you do it like the pro you are.

Margot Robbie looked like a million bucks in Gucci while Zooey Deschanel looked Oh, so pretty in Oscar De La Renta. Should have zeroed in on a simpler shoe though. The studded pumps are way too distracting. Zosia Mamet tried keeping it simple in Reem Acra but everything matters in fashion sweety; even the tree that’s slowly creeping up its way to your shoulders. Sarah Hyland would have looked like an angel in her  Georges Hobeika, only if it weren’t for her apparent inspiration from Frida Kahlo.


Kate Mara in J. Mendel looked super sexy with all the right things in all the right places. Kerry Washington in Balenciaga looked lovely enough even despite the disastrous dress. Anna Gunn in Donna Karan Atelier looked gracious and beautiful although I would have like a little color somewhere. Tatiana Maslany in Jenny Packham again looked simple and beautiful.


Allison Williams comes across a little uptight in her Alexander McQueen, while Amber Heard is all out sexy in Versace. My Grandmother would suggest she rather take that off, since it’s not actually serving any purpose and I’d probably agree only because she’s Johnny Depp’s girlfriend (Weeps!! And she’s just too bloody gorgeous for me to hate her).

Mr. and Mrs. McConaughey, if D&G couldn’t help you, I don’t know what will. Channing Tatum looked flawless in Gucci while Jenna rocked the Cavalli like she was never pregnant and not just had a baby.


If it weren’t for the beard, Chiwetel Ejiofor looked super sharp in Rake. Sari Mercer looked good enough to look pretty. Chris Hemsworth also looked flawless as usual in D&G while Elsa Pataky in Paula Ke could’ve looked much better.

Bow ties dominated the red carpet with most men adorned in them.  Leonardo Di Caprio looked every bit the Gatsby in Giorgio Armani while Chris Pine looked drool-worthy in Ermenegildo Zegna. Bradley Cooper went for the good boy look in Tom Ford while Johnny Depp looked every bit his gorgeous self, minus the blond hair.


It’s been quite a while since we spotted Orlando Bloom and he does not disappoint wearing Lanvin; coming to think of it, he most definitely doesn’t look like he lost Miranda Kerr recently either. Aaron Eckhart in D&G looked handsome while Kunal Nayyar looked cute as a button. Usher was the single disaster in CK; it looked like he was trying to turn into a Hersey’s Bar.

Quite a few disasters and disappointments this year at the Golden Globes. Olivia Wilde, you definitely look hot in that Gucci, but that’s not the word you want to hear when you’re pregnant like that. Emma Watson(Christian Dior), did you pay attention to that sleeve? That’s where you went wrong.

Maria Menounos, we’re all thankful that we left the 80’s behind and so should you. This Max Azria looks like the futuristic 80’s. Emma Roberts, you still have time to grow up. Have some fun in life. This Lanvin dress should be donated to Julia instead.

Uma Thurman(Versace), it looks like you’ve left your good old days behind. Monica Potter in Romona Keveza looks classy enough. What would’ve been better is a structured skirt.


  • Kaley Cuoco, I sincerely think you’re either blinded by your marriage or are just too busy to focus on what you’re wearing.
  • Naomi Watts in Tom Ford, we expect better from you.
  • Jennifer Lawrence (Christian Dior), stays true to Tina Fey’s quotes by doing it until everyone hates it.
  • Michelle Dockery, lifeless and dull was not the way you were trying to go, was it?
  • Mila Kunis in Gucci, somebody said it looks like left-over Christmas decorations and I’d have to agree.
  • Reese Witherspoon, there are a million occasions you could’ve worn that dress and this is not one of them.
  • Lena Dunham, we get that you’re trying to make a statement but please do so when you’re dressed well. This Zac Posen hugs you in all the wrong places and makes you look like a disaster.
  • Melissa Raunch, what’s with the obsession with poppy colors? This Romona Keveza dress does nothing to complement your fabulous self and is honestly is a waste of space. And please stop with the bright colors. You’re literally blinding us.
  • Julia Roberts, I’ve never expected you to surprise me in fashion and I don’t think you ever will. The D&G strapless reminds me of a waitress with the shirt that you’ve got going on. Edie Falco, I see your inspiration and I get it but I truly wish you’d spent some quality time on getting your Lanvin fitted.
  • Berenice Bejo, how is it that a woman like you picks THAT out of a million other choices in the world??? Giambattista Valli, I have no clue what you were thinking when you made that thing.


  • Aubrey Plaza, how do you go to Oscar De La Renta and pick that out? Or were you on your way to your cousin’s wedding??
  • Drew Barrymore, you are adorable. But that’s not going to stop us from noticing the disastrous fashion choices you’re making. This Monique Lhuillier would have served you much better with a belt when you weren’t pregnant.
  • Zoe Saldana, I respect the fact that you are bold but, even you must have found the dress way too distracting. It hardly even makes sense.
  • Paula Patton, why do you have to make me feel like a b***h? Couldn’t you just wear something nice for once? There seemed to be a train of ruffle growing out of this Stéphane Rolland dress.
  • Caitlin FitzGerald, I love the fact that you’re taking a risk with this Emilia Wickstead dress. I just wish you’d done it with a better dress. If that dress had been sleeveless with a deep squarish neck and fitted, then it’d be worth it. And the blond hair clashes way too much.

So, do you agree with me? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time,


Please note that I only take credit for the image editing and written material. Image and information sources are from various media through secondary research.



People’s Choice Awards 2014


Kat Dennings, the quintessential diva and Beth Behrs, the golden girl from 2 Broke Girls left the audience in stitches at the Nokia theatre, Los Angeles on the 8th of January. The best hosts PCA ever had?? Yeah, Just maybe!!!

PCA 2014 Trends – Calf Length dresses/ Nude Lips/ Beachy Waves/ White/ Naeem Khan

First time hosting the event, the twosome pulled off a fantastic show which included Beth singing and twerking (the sexier version definitely) and Kat being just Kat and fabulous. First Major Award show this season and the one I had my fingers crossed for since the award show disasters in 2013(AMA, EMA, Emmy, MTV to name a few). Thankfully, 2014 is off to a good start. Our favorite celebrities are still warming up to the occasion. Most of them just back from their vacations sported tanned and golden looks completing with au naturale make up. Nude lips and Messy hair (tousled bun or beachy waves) ruled the runway while Couture took a backseat in fashion. The trendy (hard to pull off) below-the-knee length was big on the red carpet with almost everyone dabbling in it, but it often doesn’t work well on anyone under 5’ 10”. Naeem Khan was clearly the trendsetter with multiple celebs wearing his creations.

Although the entire show was entertaining and funny, it was not the night for fashion. While most were visibly relaxed, some were downright inappropriate. Scroll down and let me know what you think!




Kat and Beth used the opportunity to showcase their sense of humor and fashion to the fullest. Opposites of each other, Kat ruled over everything dark while Beth sparkled and shined.

Kat – Old School Glamour, Classy and Sexy!!!

This woman knows what works for her and swears by them and I’m yet to see her go wrong.

  1. David Meister’s Signature collection with a bandeau neckline and a full skirt in luxe silk satin floral prints. Accessories – Amrapali ring and bracelets, and a Jennifer Behr head-wrap. rs_634x1024-140108173400-634.Kat-Dennings-Peoples-Choice-Awards.ms.010814
  2. Oliver Tolentino Couture strapless, peplum-waist frock in violet, dark wavy locks and magenta lips.Untitled-2
  3. Ted Baker London jumpsuit with a peek-a-boo keyhole detail and a deeper oxblood lip.Untitled-3
  4. Black Halo Eve off-the-shoulder peplum gown, accented with a sparkling, embellished waistband.Untitled-4

Beth – Everything that shines and sparkles!!!

  1. Two toned Giulietta dress, Rene Caovilla shoes, and David Webb jewelry.enhanced-buzz-28027-1389241635-39
  2. Adorable, crystallized Kate Spade New York ‘Estelle’ white dress paired with flashy silver heels, blonde curls and pink lipstick.Untitled-5
  3. Fun, fringed metallic mini gold hand beaded number from Dilek Hanif and gold strappy stilettos.Untitled-21
  4. Creamy lace mini-frock from Naeem Khan’s Resort 2014 collection. A pair of strappy, silver Jimmy Choo ‘Lance’ sandals and a ponytail ‘do.Untitled-23

Sheers and Whites. . .


  • Jessica Alba in Jason Vu – Sophisticated as it looks, I was worried when the dress would fall off! It looks insanely uncomfortable and watching her get on stage was further proof of that.
  • Jennifer Hudson in Kaufman Franco – She’s embracing her new self to the fullest and looks super good doing it. But I still miss the J-hud from SATC & Dreamgirls; she was just so huggable!
  • Anna Faris in Naeem Khan – Sexy Kitten; and she didn’t even have to show skin (well, not technically at least!).
  • Adelaide Kane in Rhea Costa– Pretty girl, fresh view, bold choice, looking forward to seeing her often. One to look out for? Definitely!!!



  • Queen Latifah in Angela Dean – Demure and Gorgeous as always!
  • Nina Dobrev in Jenny Packham – Dearest Nina, that hem is meant for people over 5′ 10″. And I was hoping for something more playful or edgier.
  • Allison Janney – Sexy mom? It looks like Allison’s trying her best to win the war against ageing!


  • Britney Spears in Mikael D – I’m just happy to see her wearing something regardless of what it might be!
  • Olga Fonda in Giorgio Armani – She could wear the ugliest thing on earth and still look gorgeous. Having said that, this isn’t a great choice for you. I’d love to see you in something a little more dramatic!
  • Sandra bullock in Peter Pilotto – She was such a breath of fresh air that I’m going to overlook the dress entirely. I wish she had opted for white shoes or clutch rather than green. She looked radiant and gorgeous as usual but the white patch at the waist looked just so out of place.
  • Kaley Cuoco in Sachin + Babi – Sweety, those shoes are a definite NO!
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar in Sachin + Babi – Honey, you look starved! Please go fill up a little.
  • Allison Williams in David Koma– Stunningly different and bold!

The Catastrophical choices and Disasters


  • Lucy Hale in Gabriela Cadena – One word sweetheart; it’s a red carpet not your best friend’s birthday. And the print is super confusing too; Is it supposed to be floral, cosmic or digital?
  • Drew Barrymore in Vionnet – As adorable as she is, she looked like she wore a tent and she skipped the bra, which become super obvious once she hit the stage. She still looked super cute though!
  • Melissa Joan Hart – I don’t know where she heard that she had to match the dress to her skin but she looks like she put in a lot of effort to do it. Dull and lifeless, thank God she had at least smokey eyes.
  • Heidi Klum in Giorgio Armani– She’s worn so many clothes over the years that she’s forgotten what’s actually good. Or at least that’s my explanation. The low-cut black Giorgio Armani with crystal embellishments had way too much going on than necessary. Fish-tail silhouette, shoulder scallop, all-over glitter and then the plunging neckline. I honestly knew where to look and trust me; it was not her dress.
  • Malin Akermanin Cushnie Et Ochs – I don’t understand! How did it stay put??? And what’s worse was her clear obliviousness to the situation. I guess she deserves an award for wearing it all night without a peek-a-boo.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra was recently in Bangalore for the launch of PC Jeweler’s first store. She pulled off the married Indian woman image with much ease. Can you believe her son’s a year old? It still feels like the whole Richard Gere incident happened yesterday. So, taking a closer look, Shilpa chose a moderately elegant coral saree with sequin work and sleeveless blouse with pearl work all over. I’m sorry to say I have no idea who the designer was; did not get a chance to ask. Accessorized the same with pearl earrings and necklace with pink and white stones and but honestly it was the huge rock on the finger, that stole my attention(It was huge; check the image if you don’t believe me. Its no wonder she said yes!).

On the whole, the entire look was a little too much. Over-sized jewelry, a blouse that had to fight with the sequins on the saree for the attention and make-up that was meant for evening, this is definitely not one of her best looks.

What do you think? Let me know.

‘Wine in Food’ with Michael Swamy at Sheraton, Bangalore

(L-R) Master Chef Michael Swamy, Chef Hemath Kumar and Mr. Adrian Pinto at Nine Hills Wine in Dinner @ Sheraton Bangalore

 Skip to the end for the Delicious Christmas Special Recipes

Bangalore was just starting to get used to the unusual chillness when Michael Swamy decided to warm it up with some exotic cooking lessons with wine. A variety of the best from Nine hills keeping me company, it was an informative and enjoyable evening; not to mention indulgent.

It was a tempting invitation into the house of Nine hills as we witnessed Michael concocting a delicious blend of dishes cooked in the best of their range. Imparting their magical flavors to a plethora of gourmet cuisine like Red wine poached pear, olive oil cake and mascarpone cheese ice cream, Spring chicken stuffed with porcini, served with sautéed garlic spinach, blueberry gnocchi and port wine jus, Italian indulgence was the main focus. Celebrating Food as well as Wine, it was a gastronomic experience.

The efforts here are to introduce the Indian consumer to a taste that is fresh yet mature, balanced yet full-bodied; the way the best wine tastes internationally. Keeping alive the philosophy of the brand, Nine Hills and Bene at the Sheraton Bangalore brings us an unforgettable evening with Chef Michael Swamy’s ‘Wine in Food’ at the 7 city Odyssey.

Commenting on the occasion, Seagram’s Nine Hills Wine Sr Manager Business Development, Adrian Pinto said, “Wine is an experience! And it’s this experience that we are bringing together. Nine Hills is bringing together award-winning wines, great chefs and the Starwood Hotels to give consumers a chance to experience how wine is paired with food, not just through a tasting but by combining it with food when cooking using various methods.”

“Times in India are changing and Pernod Ricard India and Nine Hills in taking the initiative of talking about paring wines with Indian cuisine and educating people on cooking with wines is an excellent concept. I am also proud of being a part of the process and hope wine becomes an integral part of the Indian kitchen” added Chef Michael Swamy.

Seagram’s Nine Hills wine gets its name from the nine hills surrounding Nashik where the company’s winery and the vineyards are located. The Nine Hills varietal range includes Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier & Shiraz Rose. Seagram’s Nine Hills is available in 8 varietals – 3 whites, a Shiraz Rosé, 2 reds and 2 reserve red wines. The range of whites includes 2 zesty whites (Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc) and a complex and aromatic Viognier which has recently been launched in some markets. The collection of soave reds includes Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as the 2 Reserve wines which have been aged in oak – Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Reserve Shiraz. Nine Hills wines have been appreciated by wine enthusiasts and professionals across the country. In fact in the very first Indian Wine Challenge (IWC-2007) held in 2007, Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon was adjudged “The best Indian Red Wine’ and the Shiraz was given awarded a ‘Seal of Approval’. This was followed up by Nine Hills being awarded the ‘Best White and Red Wines’ in the maiden Business Today wine Tasting Series where as many as 37 labels participated. Subsequently the Shiraz Rose’ was awarded a ‘Bronze Medal’ in the IWC -2008. In 2012, Nine Hills featured in Fine Wine and Champagne India magazine, where 5 varietals (Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz Rosé, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon) were sent in for a grand tasting of Indian wines. All of these wines featured in the list of ‘Best Indian wines 2012’, with the Cabernet Sauvignon making it to the ‘Top 10’ list.

And now for the best part, I managed to grab the recipe for the entire 4 course dinner for all of you to try. Every one of the below listed dishes are special in their own way but if I had to choose one thing, it would definitely be the dessert.

1.      Tris di pomodori e caprino

(Variety of tomatoes with caramelized shallot dressing, seasonal greens and crumbled goat cheese)

1 Tris di pomodori e caprino

Ingredients Quantity
Red tomato 1 no
Green tomato 1 no
Cherry tomato 50 gm
Shallots 100 gm
Nine Hills Red wine vinegar 30 ml
Crumbled goat cheese 50 gm
Mixed mesclun 10 gm
Crushed black pepper 2 gm
Salt 2 gm
Olive oil 100 ml

Method of preparation:

  1. To make the dressing: on a pan add 5 ml olive oil and the shallots. Cook on low heat for about 5 mins. Caramelize the shallots. Once ready, blend to a fine puree with red wine vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Let it cool.
  2. On a plate, drizzle the shallot dressing. Cut the fresh tomatoes in desired shapes. Arrange them along with the mesclun.
  3. Crumble goat cheese on the salad, drizzle some more of the dressing on the salad and serve immediately.

2.     Crema di peselli al profuma di menta

(Mint flavoured creamy green pea’s soup)

2 Crema di Piselli al profumo di menta

Ingredients Quantity
Frozen green peas 500 gm
Sliced onion 50 gm
Chopped garlic 5 gm
Fresh thyme sprigs 1 sprig
Fresh mint leaves 50 gm
Vegetable stock 1 ltr
Fresh cream 50 ml
Unsalted butter 10 gm
Olive oil 50 ml
Salt 10 gm
Crushed black pepper 10 gm

Method of preparation:

  1. Heat up a pot, add oil, onion and sweat for about a minute. Add garlic and sweat for another minute.
  2. Add the green peas, and cook for about 3 minutes. Drop in the thyme, pour the stock and season it.
  3. Once the green peas have cooked remove and puree the green peas with fresh mint leaves. Strain into a pot or pan. Heat the soup again and finish with cream and butter,  Check for seasoning and serve hot.

3.       Pollastrella farcita ai porcini

(Spring chicken stuffed with porcini, served with sautéed garlic spinach, blueberry gnocchi and jus)

3 Pollastrella Farcita ai porcini

Ingredients Quantity
Boneless chicken breast 1 no
Porcini mushroom 50 gm
Chopped onion 10 gm
Chopped garlic 5 gm
Smoked cheese 15 gm
Gnocchi 80 gm
Fresh spinach 100 gm
Blueberries 30 gm
Unsalted butter 15 gm
Olive oil 100 ml
Salt 10 gm
Crushed black peppercorn 10 gm

Method of preparation:

  1. To stuff the chicken: Clean the chicken breast, remove any excess fat, and make a pocket in the breast using a small paring knife. Heat up a pan, add oil and sweat the onions, add the porcini mushrooms and cook for about 5 mins. Season it well and cool the mixture, chop them roughly and place them in a piping bag.
  2. Cut the smoked cheese into a baton shape, which could easily go through the chicken breast pocket.
  3. Pre-heat an oven to 180*c. place a pot of water for boiling, add salt
  4. Season the chicken with herbs and seasoning. Slip in the cheese and pipe the mushroom into the pocket.
  5. Heat up a new pan(preferably nonstick), add butter and oil, pan fry the chicken breast for about a minute on each side, and then place the chicken in the oven. Will take about 8 mins to 10 mins to cook, depending on the size of the breast.
  6. For the gnocchi, start with butter in a nonstick pan, add the blueberries and cook with a little bit of water, crush the berries using the back of a spoon. Drop the gnocchi in the boiling water and once they start floating, remove and add it into the pan with the berries. Cook them for about a min.
  7. Place another pan with oil, once hot, add chopped garlic, and the spinach, season with salt and remove.
  8. To plate, arrange the spinach, gnocchi and chicken breast. Serve hot.

4.     Filetto di Branzino

(Oven roasted fish fillet with mini plum tomatoes, raisins and toasted almonds)

Filetto di Branzino

Ingredients Quantity
Indian salmon fillet (Or any white fish fillet) 160 gm
Olive oil 100ml
Salt 10 gm
Crushed black pepper 10 gm
Halved Fresh cherry tomatoes 100 gm
Wine soaked raisins 10 gm
Almond slivers 5 gm
Chopped Fresh mint leaves 10 gm
Unsalted butter 100 gm
White wine 100 ml
Fresh thyme 1 sprig

Method of preparation:

  1. Clean the fish fillet, season it with oil and salt. Heat up a nonstick pan, add oil. Carefully place the fish fillet skin side down first. Fry for about a minute. Flip the fish carefully.
  2. Remove from heat and add white wine, thyme and a small dollop of butter finish in the oven at 180*c for about 5 mins.
  3. In the meanwhile, mix the tomatoes, oil, mint, raisins, almond, olive oil and seasoning.
  4. Place the salad on a plate and remove the fish from the oven and place the fillet on the salad, serve immediately.

5.     Nine Hills Red wine poached pear with olive oil cake and mascarpone ice cream

5 Nine Hills Red wine poached pear with olive oil cake and mascarpone ice cream

Ingredients Quantity
For red wine poached pears:
Red wine 500 ml
Green pear(Peeled) 1 no
Cinnamon stick 1 no
Star anise 1 no
Fresh orange rind 1 no
Brown sugar 150 gms
For mascarpone ice cream:
Castor sugar 100 gm
Mascarpone cheese 200 gm
Heavy cream 235 ml
For eggless olive oil cake:
Refined flour 185 gm
Castor sugar 115 gm
Lemon rind 3 nos
Baking powder 12 gm
Nine Hills White wine 125 ml
Milk 80 ml
Extra virgin olive oil 185 ml

Method of preparation:

  1. To prepare the pears: Peel them, place them in a pot and add all the ingredients. Make sure the pear is completely submerged in wine. Cook it on low heat for about 20 mins or until the pear has cooked.
  2. Remove the pear and cool it. Strain the wine and reduce it over low heat. Save the sauce for plating.
  3. To make the ice cream: mix all the ingredients together and pour it into an ice cream machine. Remove once set and store in the freezer.
  4. To make the cake: pre heat the oven to 180*c. Sift baking powder and refined flour, in a mixing bowl add sugar, olive oil, lemon rind and milk. Whisk them well, slowly add in the flour and baking powder. Pour in the wine. Whisk the mixture and avoid any lumps. Strain if need be. Apply butter to a baking pan. Bake for about 40-45 mins.
  5. To plate: cut a slice of the cake. Dust it with icing sugar, place it on a plate. Slice the pears and arrange it on the plate beside the cake. Scoop out the mascarpone ice cream and place it near the cake. Drizzle the red wine sauce around and serve immediately.

The mascarpone ice cream and olive oil cake rocks!!! And who can resist the goat cheese in Tris di pomodori e caprino and oh! the blueberry gnocchi in the entree is divine 🙂 Do let me know how it turns out 🙂

And Merry Christmas 🙂


PCJ launches its first store in Bangalore

Photograph 2 PC Jeweller

Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra join celebrations as Chief Guest

PC Jeweler today inaugurated its first showroom in Bangalore amidst much enthusiasm and delight with none other than Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Madhur Bhandarkar and Mr.Balram Garg, MD, PCJ.

The showroom houses some of the company’s exclusive masterpieces carved with delicacy and embedded with sparkling stones along with breathtaking polki and kundan jewellery. This also happens to be the 40th showroom of PCJ. All the Jewellery lovers can relish in 2 massive floors dedicated for Gold and for those with an eye for diamonds and huge pockets, there’s an exclusive lounge for you on the second floor.

About PCJ Jewellery

PCJ jewellery is crafted with love, passion and pride – and are simply the perfect ingredients for the most memorable day in a girl’s life. Augmenting the fusion of tradition and contemporary, PC Jeweller very aptly aligns the ensembles to the theme as they create designs, which are admired by all generations and ages. PCJ’s subtle, classy and royal look cast its own unique spell and their glamorous collection gives customers a sense of satisfaction while wearing the jewellery which is matching with the season’s most tantalizing trends. PC Jeweller designs are unique, delicate and well crafted to bring in that classy gaze on the wearer.

No.1, 10th A Main 3rd Block, Opposite Cosmopolitan Club, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore.

Raspberry Rose Winter with Nivea

With the climatic change, our skin becomes most susceptible to damage and leads to loss of moisture. There’s hardly anything I need to say about Nivea Creme. Year after year, Creme is our most sought after rescue the winters hit! The newer and lighter version of Creme is Nivea Soft Cream (Jojoba oils and Vit E). It’s perfect for daytime, less oily and keeps skin well moisturized. It also gives you a dewy glow which makes your face look fresh and innocent.

Similarly, NIVEA Nourishing Body Milk is enriched in natural ingredients that work pretty deep but I’d still stick to Nivea Creme for the body.

The latest addition to the Nivea family is the range of Lip Butter, which is available in two flavours; Raspberry Rose and Caramel Cream. I’m not at all a caramel person so quite obviously I went for Raspberry rose. Best applied immediately after washing/scrubbing your lips, it has a waxy feeling but only at first and is also long lasting. Enriched in shea butter, almond oil and hydra IQ, this miniature wonder melts on your lips and adds a silky gloss-like texture which feels fantastic. It is not oily, heavy or sticky and works well even when I top it with my lipstick.

lip butters novea

Beware of Caramel Cream; The scent is so strong that I could sense it even while the tin was closed. Simply put, the scent is nauseous. Please check the fragrance before you make the purchase.

nivea lip butter raspberry rose

In conclusion, I strongly recommend Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose and its definitely worth the investment. It costs just 190 bucks and I’ve been using it for almost a month now and it feels like I’ve hardly used it. Basically what I’m saying is you only need to use this 4-5 times a day and it would last 3-4 months easily.

Have you tried it? Let me know your experiences as well.

Available at all leading outlets. I got mine from www.healthandglow.in.

SEIKO 2014


Watches have long been a popular choice for gifts. Not only are they stunning accessories that will complete your outfit perfectly, but they are long-lasting reminders of your special day.

The collection at SEIKO contains the perfect mix of glamour and luxury with an everlasting reminder of the best day of your life.

Watches by SEIKO are marked by modern shapes and materials balanced with classic styles; fashionably exuding luxury from every bend, from every detail. The watch can be worn to different occasions, leaving an everlasting impression, in absolute grace.

Especially for Women. . .

SXDF71P1, Price On Request
SXDF71P1, Price On Request
SNDX54P1, INR 42,500
SNDX54P1, INR 42,500

Especially for Men. . .

SRG010P1, INR 49,500
SRG010P1, INR 49,500
SPC110P1, INR 25,500
SPC110P1, INR 25,500


About SEIKO Watch India Pvt. Ltd

SEIKO Watch India Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of SEIKO Watch Corporation, Japan. Set up in 2007, it is headquartered in Bangalore. SEIKO Watch India is headed by Mr. Susumu Kawanishi as the President, one of SEIKO Watch Corporation’s most valuable and experienced personnel. He is supported by a team of professionals who are amongst the best in the Industry.


Spring 2014 – Denim Report

An All Time Favourite; Denim Finally Goes Mainstream Couture!

Denim has been in use since the 18th Century and one would think we’ve explored and exploited it in all ways possible. But it has been stated as the most dressed down fabric ever. We’ve seen it ripped, shredded, distressed, faded and what not.

But fortunately come this Spring 2014; all that’s going to change. The brilliant minds of Versace, Valentino and many others have been at work tirelessly and have come up with a fantastic twist and I, for one sure hope this trend is here to stay.

Last season, we took a nostalgic trip down memory lane to the Baroque era which was extravagant and all things royal. I loved Baroque as much as the fashion world did. Alas, its time we moved on though.

So, here are my top 10 favourite Denim looks from Fashion all over the world.

  • Olivier Rousteing at Balmain has to be the top one on my list. He gave chambray the deluxe treatment and luxed it up with gold and metal accessories. I’m absolutely in love with the skirt. If Balmain ever decides to donate that skirt, I’m the first in line (Are you listening, Olivier??? :P).
  • Osman’s crisp denim overcoat comes second on my list for the simplicity in it. This No BS Overcoat certainly earns its place and gives you a chance to glorify it with whatever your imagination intends. Its one of the coolest supporting accessory so far.
  • Altuzarra’s patchwork-print indigo blazer is another one of those jackets that will put you in the spotlight. Again, a simple silhouette letting the patchwork taking all the attention. However bored you look, all you have to do is put on this jacket. And I’m pretty sure it makes a great conversation starter if not anything. Third place on my list.
  • Marios Schwab comes next as the fourth in line with Artfully distressed dress with cutout shoulders. I’ve never been one for faded/ripped/shredded Denim but this dress definitely has the ability to reel me in.
  • This has to be an all time favourite for the clean cut silhouette and formal looking appeal. Feminine enough for any girl to carry it off without going over the edge. This indigo utility dress from Christopher Raeburn concludes the Top 5 on the list.
  • Sixth spot favours the wide-leg ruffled jeans from Valentino. Leave it to Valentino to bring femininity to Denim is all that’s needed to say about this look. But then, if Denim could look so pretty; I don’t hear me complaining.
  • Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! I have three looks on my seventh spot because they all have one thing in common. All three are simple with lots of room for accessories. Derek Lam’s polished dark-rinse dress might be a little old fashioned but it sure leaves a lot of space for playing around it. A head-to-toe look from Acne Studios is a simple and laid back look hot off the runway. Christophe Lemaire’s inky outfit also plays with simplicity and comes up with a skirt and top combo.
  • Max Mara’s matching marbleized kerchief, jacket, and pencil skirt might be a lil too overboard for me but I’d love to pair them all with things other than denim, hence taking the eighth spot.


  • Rachel Comey‘s baggy culottes comes ninth not because I like the baggy pants but because of the bralette top. I think it makes for a really cute sunny day with a flowy skirt.


  • And finally on the tenth spot is Marques’ Almeida with a jacket and pant combination. Frayed around the edges, I would love to wear the jacket as a dress but not overall.


All those reading, please don’t try the all over Denim unless you’re absolutely sure you’re not a disaster. We do not want replicas of Paris Hilton no more (Remember the time she was dressed in colored leopard prints top to bottom??? That’s what i thought!)

Are you as excited as I am? Let me know what you think 🙂